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Battle Scar


I got this scar from a knife fight in Brazil. – Ya, well I got this one from a rabid pitbull in New Mexico. – I got my leg ripped open on a barbed wire fence running from drug dealers. – Pfft, I got my arm caught in tank tracks that ripped it open to the bone…..Hey, how did you get your scar? – I got my belly fat stuck in the conveyor belt at Wal-Mart.


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Duck, Duck, Goose!


What ever happened to weighing the pros and cons before acting? Hmmm, should I stick my hand down his pants? Well, I’ll make everyone around me uncomfortable, I’ll probably lose my reputation for being “classy,” and my finger is going to smell….unfortunately I can’t think of any cons. Let’s do it!


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Naughty Nurse


Listen people, I’m only gonna say it once: Was Batman a sweet movie? Yes. Was Heath Ledger bad ass as the Joker? Yes. Does that make it acceptable for grown ass men to wear a tiny nurse’s uniform in public? No. No it does not.


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Hornet’s Nest


I guess you could say everyone is “buzzing” about your entire get-up from head to toe. Well, maybe not all the way at the top of your head, but they’re definitely buzzing!


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