Walmart Fashion


Colonel Sanders


Ummm buddy, while I might lose the “technical” side of the argument, I don’t really think that’s a bucket hat. But hell, you got enough going for you with that pink goatee alone to get you on another one of our sites, FreaksofFast, so that’s cool.


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The Irish Dancing Phenomenon


It’s not enough that you made my eyes pop out of my head, now it looks as though you are getting ready to Riverdance all over them while they’re on the floor? Why so cruel?


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Not #Winning


Listen, my view on black mesh has been documented multiple times and I’m basically over being insulted by people not paying attention to me. But, I will simply not stand you looking at previous posts like this one for fashion advice. These pics should be used as deterrents people not muses!

South Carolina

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Calling Shotgun


Listen, I know the threat level went up this week but I’m pretty sure you guys south of the border are safe….well maybe not from gangs and drug cartels, but I think terrorists will ignore you.


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