Walmart Fashion


The Pompadour Playboy

Look at that big beautiful bouffant! My goodness. You just look like a guy that should constantly carry a tiny dog everywhere, but secretly have your thumb up it’s ass.


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WWIB: Butterfly Kisses

Oh boy! I’ve got my wings flapping in excitement for this Who Wears It Better: Butterfly Effect Edition. So which lady would you want to snuggle up in a cocoon with? My gut says it’s probably the one that actually has a chance of getting off the ground, but again that feeling could just be the butterflies in my stomach.


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A Tall Glass Of O.J.

You know people, I’m so sick of this political bullshit. Republicans hate Democrats, Democrats hate Republicans, but now it’s gone too damn far! There is no need to bring O.J. into this. The guy can’t catch a break. Hell, he was just in the middle of trying to get some of his old stuff back to search for clues as to his wife’s real killer when the damn police arrested him!


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WWIB: That’s How You Get Pink Eye

Pink is a popular color for females, hell anyone can wear it head to toe, but when you start bringing that color to your body that’s when you catch my attention and find yourself in a ‘Who Wears It Better?’ competition! While I dig the pink hair, I’ve gotta say the non-conjunctivitis pink eye makes me happy!

Florida & Pennsylvania

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