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WWIB: Panty Raid

Damn! This contest of Who Wears It Better: Flash Mob Edition is gonna be a tighter race than Lochte-Phelps in the 400-meter individual medley!…What’s that? That wasn’t a close finish? Really? But all the hype….oh well, you know what I was getting at.

South Carolina & Utah

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I’ll Fox Wit Ya

No wonder my Firefox runs slow! That’s it, I’m switching to Internet Explorer or Safari. They have to be less creepy!


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Caption Contest!

Wanna take a peek at something not as disturbing as your mom’s hoochie coochie? Well then caption this photo & we’ll send an autographed copy of our new book People of Walmart: Of The People, By The People, For The People (at a store near you August 1st). Yeah that’s right, book #2 and it’s glorious…unlike his view.


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Half Off

Just a little off the top?!?! You would figure after the fist butcher job you’d learn from your buddy’s mistake. I mean, I can appreciate the sign of solidarity between two bros, but I’d probably just laugh at my friend instead.


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