Walmart Fashion


WWIB: Wooly Mammoths

Let’s look through the brush in this version of Who Wears It Better:¬†George The Animal Steele¬†Edition.


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The Never Nude

Little dude, take note of how NOT to wear your sweatpants. Although if you sag yours down to show off your diaper that might actually be kinda badass.


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She Showed Me Her Boobies

It’s cool, guys don’t bother looking at a woman’s face when they flash them anyway, this just saves us the trouble.


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Fire Crotch

Ehhh ohhh! Call the fire department ’cause this couple is just too hot to handle. What’s that? Those aren’t real flames? Oh, well then I guess this is just Hell on Earth, and if that’s the case I’m not really sure who to call.


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