Walmart Fashion


Taxi Cab Confessions


Oh, I see you’re into role playing. How about you try playing the role of someone who doesn’t look like a slut for money when you’re outside of the Angry Beaver or whatever funny named strip club you work at?

North Carolina

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Mrs. Levi Strauss


Oh you thought jean jackets were cool? How about a jean jacket made from actual jeans so I got tons of ass pockets to put stuff in…AND Betty Boop! BOOMSHAKALAKA!!!! – Oh you didn’t think jean jackets were cool? Oh so this one is worse than a normal jean jacket then? Oh. Okay. Well nevermind then. Jerkface.

New Jersey

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She Lost Her Sheep


I don’t want to step out of place here, but Little Bo Peep over there looks absolutely f*cking miserable. Seriously, her parents may want to seek out counseling of some sort….Saving lives, it’s just part of what we do here at PoWM. You’re all welcome.


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What What Look At My Butt


I mean, if you are gonna wear some casual heels to lift and showcase you ass you might as well showcase the ass. Am I right or am I right?


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