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Squeeze Them Together


Can you hear me now? No, you sound all sticky, sweaty, and saggy for some reason.

South Carolina

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Nice Day For A Walmart Wedding


I spent over 2 hours trying to figure out if this was photoshopped assuming those two were superimposed into Walmart. There is no camo, nothing made from jean material, they are fully clothed, and there isn’t an animal in sight….some people just don’t know how to do a Walmart wedding!


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Hear Me Roar


If people mistake your gender that frequently I would personally suggest maybe a new hairstyle or different clothing before resorting to posting a sign OR I’d tell my friends how to correctly spell “Kick Me”.


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Can You Hair Me Now?


Either the guy in that picture takes branding his property very seriously or she is SO excited that she beat the odds and found the one man alive that was into her and that hair.

South Carolina

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