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Slaying The Dragon

It’s not everywhere that you get to see live action dungeons and dragons while shopping for shampoo. Then again, it’s not every day you see someone who plays D&D who actually uses shampoo.


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Belt It Out

While belts and suspenders are in the same clothing family and serve the same purpose, when your belt looks like your ass went out behind your back and bought it’s own suspenders, I think it’s time to rethink your ass-holder uppers!


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Saving Some For Later

Ma’am, you seem to have left something in your ass. Oh, and while your taking the time to remove it, why don’t you try to think about what you did to piss off your husband that he let you walk around like pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey all day.

North Dakota

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The Drunken Leprechaun

Don’t bother trying to capture him; After that case of Natty he’s not gonna even be able to find his damn pot of gold!


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