Walmart Fashion


The ‘S’ Curve

I can’t figure out if that is an “S” or supposed to be an animal tail or maybe it’s one of those big poops after a big meal that curl around the toilet. Either way, it’s looking good buddy!


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Happy Halloween!

Look at that! Doing our job for us! It’s not really Halloween until someone at your office dresses up like People of Walmart, just make sure you know they are actually dressed up for Halloween and not in their typical clothing before mentioning it.


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One Potato, Two Potato

It’s amazing what some people can make from scratch with crafty shit they bought from Walmart. I wish I had that much enthusiasm about Halloween. This is what a few of us went as last year and had a pretty good time with it…


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Smell My Feet

At least you’re not fooling yourself into thinking it was a treat. Props for honesty.


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