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A True Stud Muffin


Somehow an all black wardrobe complete with studs and skulls and other scary stuff loses it’s intimidation factor when you weigh 84lbs and have pink highlights in the little hair you have left.


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10 Comments Oregon  //  Walmart Fashion

Kiss Me, I’m Irish!


I’m getting green with envy. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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57 Comments Featured Creature  //  Ohio  //  Walmart Fashion

The Bus Stops Here


I feel like any minute now a big arm-bar is going to swing out with a Stop sign on it.


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16 Comments Tennessee  //  Walmart Fashion

Inch By Inch


I didn’t get the memo that it was booty poppin’ day! The good news is that it is still early enough to participate. So c’mon everyone, drop those jeans down a few inches and act like you don’t feel that person behind you staring.

Utah & West Virginia

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3 Comments Utah  //  Walmart Fashion  //  West Virginia
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