Walmart Fashion


WWIB: The Tighter The Better

Ohh when the weather starts to get cold I always think back on my college days when all the little hunny-dips out there would switch over to their little yoga pants and boots look. Ohhh how I miss college. Anyway, back to reality where girls with the freshman 15 would be a welcome sight!

California & Texas

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I See Heather’s Underpants!

I find it odd that someone wearing clothing can also be the one who forgets what the purpose of clothing is. It’s like buying a new car and pushing it everywhere.


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The Gator Chomp

Sweet outfit there lady, it reminds me of the University of Florida…and now all I can think about is you being eaten by an alligator. Probably because he got a whiff of those bottom biscuits.


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Dance For Your Dollar

Damn right it’s Friday, Rebecca Black. Let’s end this work week just like we started it, drunk. I mean, grossed out. Anyway, it’s Friday, she is wearing black and the way I’m tossing them back I’m about to black out, so I’ll call this Black Friday and that means we gotta give some shit away. Caption contest mother truckers! Leave em’ and we’ll send you a copy of one of our books or a calendar or something cool we found under our couch or something. I don’t know, stop asking questions.


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