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Pinky Showing Brain


Hey hey there Pinky and the brain! Whatcha got in that fanny pack?…A Yo-Yo? That’s special, what else? 2 Chess pieces? That’s exciting, anything else? Some buttons stuck to an old peppermint and 3 Sacajawea dollars. Fantastic, fantastic! Well you go back to creepin the entire store out mmkay.


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Home Is Where You Make It


Better watch out there buddy, you don’t wanna get wind burn on your nipples.

North Carolina

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Peace, Love, & Crabs


You gave peace a chance….it obviously failed. Now try something else. NOW!


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Growing Pains


Is she literally growing out of those clothes as we speak? I think she drank some of that stuff in the bottle like Alice in Wonderland. Someone go get her one of those little cakes to eat.


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