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She’s Just Not That Into You


Didn’t you read that book “He wouldn’t get into you after 2 bottles of tequila and 6 hits of ecstasy”?


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6 Comments Arkansas  //  Featured Creature  //  Walmart Fashion

Where’s Cheech?


His chest hair can knock you out with one punch….Yeah, let that sink in.


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3 Comments Featured Creature  //  Nebraska  //  Walmart Fashion

Later Gator


Am I the only one who finds the coincidence that the lady with the saggy exposed alligator skin is wearing Crocs?


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Myrtle Beached


Awesome! I’ve been looking for a good picture to make an A, B, C’s poster….. Hepatitis that is.

South Carolina

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5 Comments Featured Creature  //  South Carolina  //  Walmart Fashion
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