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WWIB: Flappin’ In The Wind

Breaker breaker 1-9 we’ve got two bogies on my 6 looking like a couple of idiots. – Ahh that’s a big 10-4 good buddy, saw ’em earlier, completely moronic. Now let’s go get us some lot lizards. (Wow, I’m amazed at how accurate my interpretation of trucker conversations is!)

Ohio & Oregon

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Middle Of The Pack

If it’s not on your fanny, is it still a fanny pack? Since it’s under his man boobs is it a moob pack? Makes sense, but just doesn’t have that ring to it.


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Pokin’ Out

Is that bubble-butt real?!?! Tell ya what, why don’t you put your face by it and see if it pops. That’s the only way to settle this.

South Dakota

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A Helping Hand

Sometimes I wish these people would run into those unfortunate individuals who poop their pants in Walmart. That’s just people helping people. Good stuff.

California & Oklahoma

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