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I See Blue, He Looks Glorious!


Oh damn, Santa is workin’ it!


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32 Comments Florida  //  Walmart Fashion

Lookin’ Fresh


Oh, I’m so relieved! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said there are not nearly enough ugly pants to match all the atrocious sweaters out there.


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2 Comments Delaware  //  Walmart Fashion

If You’re Buyin’, He’s Sellin’


I can’t tell if he is trying to sell me a hooker or wienerschnitzels!


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1 Comment Oklahoma  //  Walmart Fashion

Stretch It Out


If we could get those a little tighter, emphasize the flood by shortening them up another inch or so, and maybe add a few random stripes so it is a little more clear that there is no pattern to them at all, I think you would then reach epic status.


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48 Comments Walmart Fashion
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