Walmart Fashion


Here Kitty Kitty

Let’s just say from that outfit I think everyone in the store has said hello to your kitty if you catch my drift.


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Poopy Pants

Someone get this guy a copy of George Orwell’s 1984 please. He should know that when you are at Walmart you can’t run and you can’t hide. We have minions out there and we will see you. – Big Brother out.


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Another WTF Tattoo Moment

Ain’t nothing better than a sexy whale tale, am I right guys? No? No I’m not right? But what if that whale tail is permanently tattooed on you? Still nothing? Wow, tough crowd to please. I bet if it was a hot chick instead of a dude you’d all be singing a different tune. Still no? Damn, well head over and look at some other misguided souls.


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WWIB: I See France

All my big booty hoes, let me see you tootsie roll. *Now in my head is a really good hard-knocking, rump-shaking beat* – That was fun right? Ah, I’m so glad I could bring you all in on that magical journey with me. Anyway, this see-through extravaganza is just the latest installment of everyone’s favorite game ‘Who Wears It Better?’ and you honestly can’t go wrong here. We are all winners.

California & Maryland

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