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Cowboy Up


I thought Heath Ledger died…..


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7 Comments Texas  //  Walmart Fashion



Okay, you need attention, gotcha. Now at what point do you decide the best way to draw that attention to yourself is making your backside look like a weird long-nosed martian? Even if you legitimately had a 3 foot striped tail, there has to a better way to accessorize it.


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5 Comments Virginia  //  Walmart Fashion

Gone Fishin’


Once I get past the initial overwhelming feeling, I have to ask myself that if this entire outfit was consciously put together, was penis shaped fishnet hole intentional? I want to say “No, nobody would do that,” but if I were to go ahead and pick someone who might…..


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De La Salsa


I have no idea what type of Spanish fire department is sponsored by the Raiders, nor do I know where you can get a pink Raiders scarf to go with it. All I know is that if i’m ever in New Mexico I kinda want to set something on fire to find out.

New Mexico

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5 Comments New Mexico  //  Walmart Fashion
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