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The Abominable Ho-Man


The Abominable Snowman did a great job of covering up and blending in, but unfortunately they don’t make Timberlands in a size 58. But still, an “A” for effort Mr. Yeti.


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1 Comment Kentucky  //  Walmart Fashion

Polar Bear In Mind


Remember that YouTube video of the polar bear pooping in the pool at the zoo?

North Carolina

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3 Comments North Carolina  //  Walmart Fashion



With an outfit that would make Carrot Top blush at the magnitude of useless trinkets, you would figure he would finish it off with the proper footwear….plain white kicks? C’mon buddy, get out of the minor leagues will ya.


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15 Comments Utah  //  Walmart Fashion

Where The Wild Things Are


Before you start wondering who in their right mind would make/buy that jacket, I figured I would save you the time and just go ahead and let you know that it’s not a jacket she actually doesn’t have a shirt on.


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5 Comments Michigan  //  Walmart Fashion
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