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Listen pal, we are all very excited about the big U.S. Women’s win yesterday but tone it down a bit.


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The Bow Tie Bandit

Is there anything more classy than a black tie event? I didn’t think so.


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Double Coups

You’re like an extreme couponer the way you fill up your cart with stuff you won’t be paying for!


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Going Ratty

At first glance, I thought this guy just had to take a massive dump and was doing his best to hold it in. We have all seen the bathrooms in Walmart and with those short shorts it would be even more of a disaster if he let it slip, so smart move on his part, right? THEN I noticed that cute little rat-tail that he’s rockin’. So, I came to the conclusion that he’s smuggling an animal about the size of a rat in his own tail.


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