Walmart Fashion


Picture This

When I look at this picture, here is what I see: a toothless hillbilly of a woman with pigtails, holding a Natty Ice, with nothing under those overalls…okay, the last part may seem like I wanna do the hibbity dibbity with her, but it would just be the icing on the redneck cake.


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Orange Glo

Orange you gland you can see my front butt?


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Tweet Tweet

Judging by your Tweety Bird ensemble and checkerboard shades, I’m going to assume that you are one bad-ass mother who (as best put by the Wu-Tang Clan) “ain’t nothin’ to f*ck with”!


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Wrap It Up

If wrapping an Ace bandage around your sweater puppets is an acceptable shirt for women, then placing a tube sock on your twig & berries should be kosher for men. Am I right guys?!


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