Walmart Fashion


Loafing Around

Someone please explain to me why even though I can see her biscuit bottoms and side titty flap, I can’t take my eyes off her shoes as the worst part of this mess.


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The Baby Tee

I thought you were cutting the sleeves off to sew them onto the bottom of that shirt to extend it over your tire, but you kinda did a 180 on me and left me looking at your white-walls.


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Walmart’s Workout Plan

While some work out to look better, others just look better while working out.


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Piece Of Cake

Listen, I don’t need a cardboard sign to point out Strawberry Shortcake’s disturbed sister. She does a fine enough job getting attention on her own. Although, if I were her I’d be a little more careful with that cake purse at Walmart; Someone is bound to snatch that up and try eating it.


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