Walmart Fashion



C’mon girl, picking up a good man is easy. I’ll show you. Whatchu need to do is put on some tight ass jeans and then get your best booty-flossin’ thong and pull it up over dem jeans to show off the money maker! The boys will just look but the real men won’t be able to take their hands off you!


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Unemployed Clown


You know what they call a clown without makeup? Weirdo.


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Read It & Laugh


Hey Magic School Bus Lady! Don’t worry sugar, you won’t have to suffer through reading that boring newspaper much longer because our book, People of Walmart Shop & Awe, will be out September 7th!  Who knows, you might find yourself in it. Plus the print should be big enough that you don’t have to hold it so close to your face. Check it out here!


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