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Betty Boop’s Bamboo Isle


Poor Betty Boop. Since when did such a hot looking cartoon character become the poster child for atrocious clothing choices? I never see Jessica Rabbit showing up on a pair of overalls or stretched out jean shorts!


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4 Comments California  //  Walmart Fashion

Rockets Red Glare


Thanks buddy, I guess I have to move to Canada now. Well, at least they’re better at hockey and the maple leaf has to look better stretched out than stripes do, right?


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1 Comment Florida  //  Walmart Fashion

I Can Make Your Bedrock


The amount of money I would pay for an angry Bam Bam to show up with a club is staggering!


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7 Comments Utah  //  Walmart Fashion

Body Movin’


You aren’t Cher, and this isn’t Studio 54. Go home and un-embarrass yourself pronto.


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5 Comments Texas  //  Walmart Fashion
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