Walmart Fashion


You Name It!

Well we have our “biscuit bottoms” & “muffin tops” and this seems more than a “plumber’s crack” so I think it deserves it’s own name, and I think you are the people to give it one! So let’s hear it folks, what shall we call this glorious thing?


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I Wear My K-Swiss

Ok buddy, you almost had me completely fooled with this whole “mountain man coming out from the wilderness” thing you got going on until I noticed you were wearing tennis shoes. What kind of wild man wears K-Swiss? Really disappointed you didn’t make the full effort and even more disappointed you tried to pull a fast one by me this early in the morning.


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Taste The Rainbow

So bright and distracting, like a big ball of colorful yarn. You’re lucky there isn’t an enormous cat around.


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The Udder White Meat

Really? You’re just gonna set me up for the spike right there, aren’t you? I’ll keep my comments to myself for now, but you guys are more than welcome to voice your opinion on these “udderly” ridiculous shorts below.

Fun Fact: These photos were sent in months apart by two different people.


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