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Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right


“I couldn’t decide which to wear; my sloppy ugly muumuu dress or my lazy pajama bottoms, so I figured i’d just combine the two and hope to make a cute little outfit.” ¬†You were wrong.

New York

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5 Comments New York  //  Walmart Fashion

Lollipop Guild


Someone go get this guy a giant lollipop because other than that I’m not sure he could possibly get any more adorable!

North Carolina

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Hello Hello


Well someone snuck out to say hello! At that age, I guess underwear is optional or just ineffective…..I’ll give ya a dollar to touch it.

New Jersey

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A Real Doll


Parents, stop buying your kid everything they ask for. That little girl does not need a real life doll to play dress up with, even if they say all their friends have them too.


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