Walmart Fashion


Swan Dive

Turns out that sex scene between the Black Swan and the White Swan somehow managed to produce an offspring, whom we shall refer to as Grey Swan. Unfortunately, she manages to look nothing like Natalie Portman or Mila Kunis so really this movie just took a turn to uninteresting town. Total letdown.


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Sand Baggin’

And the award for longest cleavage goes to….Seriously though, boobs are supposed to stick out. So if you can pull your shirt down to your knees and still not flash anyone, how ’bout we cover up those deflated balloons and just go back to yearning for the good ol’ days when they had some perk.

North Carolina

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The Bottom Shelf

Wow that’s a lot to take in on a Monday. I don’t even know how to process all that right now! At first I just assumed you were everybody’s Grandma when they get ready for jazzercise at the local Y, but then you just threw me for a loop with those Frankenstein boots and to be honest I had way too long of a weekend to strain my brain this early in the week.


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Sh*t Happens

Oh God! Oh why oh why oh why would we show this to you?!?! Awwww, awwww, it’s nasty. Damn that’s gross! WHY?? – Here is why we showed it to you, for the same reason your junior high health teacher showed you drunk driving accident pictures…to scare you all straight! So, now that you’ve seen this maybe the rest of you will be considerate the next time you shit yourself and take it with you instead of leaving it for the rest of us.


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