Walmart Fashion


False Advertising

Hey everyone, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: if someone has to tell you what they are, chances are good they are in fact not what they say. For instance (spoiler alert) all the guys that wear shirts saying how big their dick is, probably have tiny penises. Sorry to break the code for you and ruin everything but I like to manage expectations.


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The Cheesehead

I love football, who doesn’t right? Communists, exactly. Anyway, I also love fantasy football. I’m in like 4 leagues this year, which got me thinking, if we had a PoWM fantasy draft who would be the 2nd overall pick? I mean, obviously Willy the Pimp is going #1. That’s a no-brainer. But who’s next? Let me hear your thoughts.


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WWIB: Sperm Donors

In this exhilarating bout of Who Wears It Better: Selfless Acts Edition, we’ve got a toe-curling battle between two generous donors. So that begs the question, which one would you let give you a charitable donation?

Arizona & Florida

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Front Or Back?

Is that back camel-toe? Holy bajeeebus! Throw some back titties on this one and you’ve got yourself a person…still a gross person, but a gross back-person.


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