Who Wears It Better?


WWIB: Getting Fleeced


Fuzzy fleece onesies. Something else you didn’t know you needed because you don’t actually need it. Who you guys have in this “Who Wears it Better” of furry fun? Personally I’m not ready for Christmas yet so I’m giving it to the Great Value Brand of Rocky and Bullwinkle over here. Or as Natasha would refer to them, Moose & Squirrel.


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WWIB: Mullet Power


All this talk about glass ceilings and whatnot and I’m over here pointing out that women have been growing some power femullets that put some male mullets to shame. If that’s not progress, then I don’t know what is.


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WWIB: One With The Onesie


Onesies. Nothing says I need attention but I’m also super lazy like a onesie! Which do you like better? Caution come or moo moo?


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WWIB: Crack Attack


We are here to prove the correlation between tighty whiteys and plumber’s crack. BOOM!


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