Get It Right, Get It Tight

You sit on a throne of lies.


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Get It Right, Get It Tight, 7.7 out of 10 based on 85 ratings

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  1. dsfdsfd says:

    Fucking nasty Trumpanzees

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    • Deeke says:


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    • Trump2020 says:

      Yet Trump is still your president.

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      • lol says:

        He is no one’s president. He is in it for his ego and wallet. It always about him and his ignorant voters get fucked by him every day and they love him for it.

        There is no fixing you stupid rednecks.

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  2. sdrf says:

    How does one get that fat? I realize you rednecks are fucking retarded but holy shit, how hard is it to not eat greasy shit day in and day out and maybe exercise a few hours a week?

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    • nano says:

      For POW, she isn’t THAT fat.

      Is that a regular muffin top, or are her shorts and/or underwear that tight that her ass is muffin topping?

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      • fdfdfdf says:

        Just because fatter exists it does not make her skinnier.

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  3. Yousick says:

    Her walking WIC-cards show that she really needs one of Barry’s friends back in office,

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  4. Joe Schitte says:

    That’s illegal! It should be posted as “WIDE LOAD”.

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