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These aren’t the people of Walmart, they are the people of America.
I know all the more reasonable people whom see this site may agree with this: I find great pride in being the type of human to not find humor herein. I feel better about myself to know that some people haven’t yet risen above such poor taste and judgement and quality, but also, I do feel sad, not for the people in the pictures, but for the members of our race that still find humor in this. I do not consider this a “hate mail” message, but rather a “get better” note to the cruel peoples who do not yet realize that they are indeed cruel. I salute the writers of the “hate” mail; we are the people to lead the beneficial progression of mankind.

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  • Tim

    To Grayson and all the haters of this site.
    Lighten up!!!
    You just don’t seem to get it, many of these people are dressing to get noticed. Success, they not only got noticed, they got their picture on a popular website and are now being noticed by the whole world.
    Also , if you happened to be mad because you are on here because you crapped your pants and didn’t bother to go home and change but kept on shopping and now that the world has seen you and your embarrassed, well you should be embarrassed. Now get over it and get a sense of humour.

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  • Amanda

    To Whomever it Concerns-

    When you said you “do not consider this a ‘hate mail'”, did you mean you didn’t want people to get the impression that you are yet another People of Walmart hater? If so, I am confused with why you added “I salute the writers of the ‘hate’ mail; we are the people to lead the beneficial progression of mankind.” WE. Why do you include yourself as a hater when you make it quite clear you don’t want to be seen as one?

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  • Linda

    After watching just a few pics I came across your comment and yes Grayson, I wholeheartedly agree with you. I’m from Europe and have never even been to a Walmart but I can see it’s where you meet te most colorful people of the US. Some pictures are just plain funny and make me smile, but most are just proof that the ‘haters’ are the people who post these pictures.

    Taking their picture without them knowing it and putting it up on the Internet is one thing to debate about, but the hurtful comments that accompany the pictures is often downright horrible. So what if grandma wants to wear leopard tights to the store. Does that give you the right to call her a ho?

    A majority of the US is considered judgemental, narrowminded and discriminating by most europeans. Thank you posters for proving that point so well and thank you Grayson for giving us all some hope that all is not yet lost.

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