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Guns Up, Let’s Do This


Like it really matters what I say right here. You are all just going to jump into the comments section and either call the other person a jerkoff for trying to take your freedom away and that bad guys don’t listen to gun laws or you’re going to call the other person a jackass for needing an assault rifle around children. Either way I think I’m going to start carrying tomahawks just because I think they look badass, but that’s just a personal thing. You don’t have to follow me on that.

Kentucky & Texas

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  • tonydadon

    Something goes wrong? It’s gonna bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “CLEAN UP ON ISLE 3!!!!”

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  • Darr

    I like it, after all, Walmart is full of freaks, zekes, deeks and creeps. These two guys be protecting children.

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  • admiralbrown

    All I can think of is the ad with the middle aged and overweight man wearing nothing but a Speedo. The text of the ad is just because it fits doesn’t make it right.
    So a show of thumbs, just because it is legal is Walmart the right place to walk around armed?

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  • Joey BadaBing

    at least walmart wont get held up

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  • girlwatcher

    They’re hunting butt cracks.

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  • Slop Jar Magoo

    These are actually Wallyworlds new door greeters………

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  • MattShizle

    Tomahks – as in the missile or the hatchet? The missile is a bit too heavy to carry.

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  • Ian Kemp

    Open carry…..the law that allows low esteem people to compensate for their “shortcomings” by carrying an unloaded gun in a public place.

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  • Jen

    Little Debbie’s Security Team: “Drop that box of Swiss Cake Rolls! You have enough crap in your cart!”

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  • rufustfirefly

    I don’t care if morons shoot one another or their own children, but I don’t want them around me.

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  • LesterBallard

    I don’t care if morons shoot themselves, or one another, or their own children, but I don’t want it around me or mine.

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  • Fader

    Agree Ian. This makes no sense.

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  • mike reiley

    carry on fk obama

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  • pct2k

    I totally disagree that anyone needs to carry a gun in a public place. Then again, they ARE in WhoreMart, and you never know when you might need to unload a clip into a dangerous-looking WalCreature!

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  • SFCRetired

    Who, in their right mind, carries an unloaded firearm, Mr. Kemp? As concerns the low esteem and “shortcomings”, I have neither. Instead, I am too darn old to fight with some young thug and definitely too old to run away from him.

    Btw, when I carry, which is almost all the time, my .45 is cocked and locked with one in the chamber; just the way John Moses Browning intended for it to be carried.

    In my state, there is no law that “allows” open carry. Neither is there one which prohibits it. I am not too fond of the long gun (it’s not an assault rifle) open carry, though.

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  • joe in baltimore

    Tomahawks! Do you know RMJ Tactical? Pricey but badass!

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  • Anon


    Open carry…..the constitutionally protected right that allows rational people who wish to survive a world full of lunatics created by the public policies likely supported by Ian Kemp.

    BTW Ian, both of those photos show magazines (a.k.a clip thingies to you) in place…they are very likely loaded.

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  • Doc

    I’m all in favor of concealed carry. The problem with open carry is that if someone is planning something, the one with the open carry goes straight to the top of their target list. The way that guy is carrying his rifle he doesn’t stand much chance of getting it in position before he gets taken out.

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  • Hubba hubba

    Nice guns. Sorry about your dicks.

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  • MasterBaiter

    Im pro NRA , have a CCL , but this is stupid and hurts our cause. All this does is make John Q Public think right to carry people are a bunch of nuts.
    Take those weapons home and act like a responsible citizen. If you want people to vote for more gun laws keep doing ignorant stuff like this.

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