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You should be ashamed of yourself.  You are nothing but a bully.  You should be disappointed in yourself.  I cannot fathom how you get joy out of making someone else suffer.  Grow a heart, a conscience, and a soul.  Learn some morals and values.

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i am not going to this site anymore everytime i look at a picture then i have to look at obamas face. He is the worse president ever unless you are a minority and want everything for free. which is why he was re-elected. your site sucks

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You should be ashamed. You are publicly humileating people and could care less. Playing guessing games on peoples genders in not funny and neither is bullying others. You people are grown adults and really need to grow a heart for others! You should be ashamed. No one deserves to be publicly humileadte in any way shape or form!!!!!

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About People of Walmart: I would like stand up, even though alone, to object
publicly to making fun of people. We’re all in the same boat of life together.
Publishing photos of people in order to laugh at them is unkind in the extreme. We
need more understanding, acceptance, and love in this suffering world, not humor
that is essentially unkind or attacking.

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