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Ho Ho Ho-ly Crap It’s Almost Christmas


It’s December 23rd, anybody else still need to do some last minute gift buying besides Mr. & Mrs. Claus, their helper elf and myself?


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Ho Ho Ho-ly Crap It's Almost Christmas, 5.0 out of 10 based on 93 ratings 3 Comments Featured Creature  //  Funny  //  Oklahoma  //  Walmart Fashion
  • kevin

    it total amazes me. christmas is dec 25th and i can attest to this being a fact for the last 47 years. and if time goes on it will continue to be dec 25
    until someone comes through and changes it. meantime christmas is dec 25 and i live in a tourist – retirement town and the traffic is horrific. just not sure i understand why everyone waits until two days before the 25 to decide ” hey christmas is in two days i better go shopping to buy a few gifts” what the fudge were they doing the last effing 11 months – why not buy some christmas gifts and wrap them and stick them in a spot until dec 25 gets here then you and all the other effing half a million people can stay the fudge home. so people can drive.

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  • Jen

    One bulb short of a Christmas tree.

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  • Picklestink

    Let’s get something straight, freaks! You are not fucking Santa Clause, you are not a fucking Elf, you are not a fucking reindeer or a talking snow man. You shop at fucking Wal-Mart. You suck at life. Deal with it.

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