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Jammin’ Like Smuckers


Do you think Walmart ever intended their stores to be so comfortable to shop in that people wouldn’t even bother changing out of their pajamas? If so that’s some next level visionary sh*t I can’t even comprehend.

Florida & Texas

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    by the way that should have been steal not steel, dammed auto correct.

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    On this site there are pictures of nonblacks with pants caked in their own feces and urine, young girls with tails, 450+ pound people with their guts hanging out, people exposing themselves, possible hookers, transvestites, cross dressers, mothers dragging their children around on the floor, some of the most bazar hair styles imaginable, people with fingernails down to their knees, ridicules tattoos, people with pants 5 sizes too small, and you guys are going on ad nausea using the N word and calling these people deadbeats because they are wearing a silly new style that we have seen on dozens of pictures on here on people of all races.
    You people are not racists; you are INSANE!

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  • Michelle Burston

    I dont care there wearing pjs just dont get why so thick of pjs when there living in Florida and Texas lol

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  • jellybeanhateswelfare

    AWWW! ITS GREAT TO BE BACK! I just wanted to say that I don’t just degrade Ni@@ers, I degrade everyone equally! I am an equal opportunity hater. This country has gone out of control. AND THE WHITE PERSON IS THE NEW MINORITY! If white people have an all white college you call us racist. But the ni@@ers can have a college for blacks but that’s not racist? White people don’t have their own month to celebrate our race, but black people do, GEEZ, I could go on forever but I have to get back to work millions of losers depend on me!
    I think if you can’t take care of yourself and your family and friends will not take care of you, then you are S.O.L. Why must we take care of people that are completely useless?

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  • lordofthegadflies

    I don’t know…both the women on the left look eminently boneable.

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