Jiggle While You Wiggle

I was waiting in the famously endless Walmart checkout line, just picking up a couple things on my way to a picnic. There were 3 or 4 young guys behind me, about my age, 25 or so, laughing at something. I heard one of them laugh and say, “I should get a picture for People of Walmart!” and immediately I was interested. I turned around to look for whatever was so funny, but I guess I had just missed it. As I was walking out the store, 2 of the guys ran ahead of me, one with his phone held out for a picture, when I saw his target. Four women were walking together, and one of them was the epitome of a Walcreature. All four girls had bikini tops, short-shorts and sandals, but only three of them could fit into their outfits. The fourth girl was close to 200 lbs., had the same teeny bikini top and short shorts as the others, only her drooping breasts and sagging buttcheeks couldn’t be contained by the eight-sizes-too-small clothing. Her shorts were so far up into her crack that it looked like some kind of redneck jeans-thong, while her backfat had completely devoured the string tie of her top and her jiggling belly drooped and covered about half of her fly. As she walked, her flab jiggled and sloshed with her movements, but I guess her clothes were so tight they cut off her circulation and she couldn’t feel it anymore. Now, I’m not a small girl, but I at least know that nobody wants to see my chunk rippling in the breeze, or know all the intimate details of my buttcrack. So, if they get a picture up on the site, this is the story that can accompany it.

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