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Make Way For Ducklings

Oh no! This is like seeing a mother duck walking her ducklings right into busy highway traffic. You just want to grab the little ones and run them to safety but you can’t! They only know how to follow momma! So sad…


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  • Eric

    Check out the female mullet on mom.

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  • Reggie

    Did someone dig up a photo from the 1980s?
    Or, do a lot of folks in Texas dress as people did several decades ago?

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  • Theresa

    Old school?? Hot damn! Is this 1989???

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  • Dotti

    @Eric: I believe mom just has her hair pulled back tightly but considering the shoes, I could be wrong.

    Usually around here when I see a woman and her pack of daughters that are all dressed the same (including the same hair style) it’s an Amish or fundamentalist Christian family but the pink or clear high heels should eliminate that.

    My best guess is that older woman in the horrible blue suit thought it would be cute if all the girls dressed and had their hair similar for a cheesy family photo (since some stores have a “portrait studio” in them). If so, I feel sorry for the girls.

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  • Jen

    Sister wives shopping for more Aqua-Net.

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  • Branetheory

    What in the hell are you trying to pull, putting normal decent upstanding fully clothed and attractive women on here??? We expect better of you. Don’t let it happen again!

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  • hairball45

    OK, so we have the females of a family from some sort of holiness church, (Church of God maybe). And the humor stems from what? It’s just the way folks from those sects dress and carry themselves, no odder than seeing an Amish family in areas where they have their communities. They are covered, of healthy weight, and clean, certainly not your normal POWM feature creature. Do I favor their doctrines and such? Uh, no.

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  • Oddy

    $5 says her number is 867-5309!

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  • Rock it

    This is what is left over from David Koresh and the FLDS cults. At least they have upgraded their clothing to the 20th century.

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  • Jules

    I’m guessing they may have been getting a picture at walmart…Prolly why the girls dresses match….and why they are dressed up. I agree though, at least they are covered up! Not really a good pic for this site.

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  • Patron Zero

    Is this the new Pentecostal look ?

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  • whitecoon

    What the is this ?

    HO’S R US

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  • verbatim

    We should all hope our children should turn out this decent. Maybe not the fire and brimstone belief part, but still. Have you seen the avalanche of crap in our society lately?? Perpetrated by some of …..YOU. And me. On here.
    Sign, we have to become Amish. I have the bowl for your haircut.

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  • Rincewind

    I see groups like that frequently around here. We have a rather large eastern-block immigrant community, mostly Russians and Ukrainians.

    At any given time you can go into the grocery store and see a mom with her hair poofed up like that with a gaggle of girls following her around the store, usually taking up the whole isle. If there’s a boy he’s under 10 years old. The girls are usually gorgeous. They all wear dresses like that and sensible shoes. Sometimes the mother will wear a scarf on her hair.

    I think it’s an Eastern Orthodox thing.

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  • JG55

    Daddy is at home cleaning the shotgun.

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  • oreally

    Nothing like a mom training her girls to wear hooker shoes. Never to early to start the job training program.

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  • girlwatcher

    Romney’s MORMON WIVES.

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  • judy


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  • Egadsome

    Women with big hair frighten me.

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  • L

    You all should be ashamed of yourselves talking about hookers and such. These women obviously just came from church. There is nothing in their dress that say “ho, or hooker” seriously, this photo doesn’t even belong here. Epic fail.

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