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Oh Deer!

Bambi’s out for revenge this time motherf*ckers.


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Oh Deer!, 9.2 out of 10 based on 104 ratings

7 Responses so far.

  1. Cybrsk8r says:

    The skinny chick’s makeup probably scared him. I know it would scare me.

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    • Joe Schitte says:

      I’d thumper skinny ass!

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      • It must suck to be an ignorant redneck. What is with the low standard of you speds?

        Life is better with standards.

        Don’t drink mass produced American swill

        Learn some reading comprehension and a little math. Learn to love to read and I don’t mean National Enquirer or Guns and Ammo.

        Don’t drive a pickup unless you legitimately need it, all it does is announce to the world that you have a microdick.

        Stay off opioids, it is not a coincidence that the top 50 worst counties for addiction are redneck Trumpanzee counties, with maybe one or two exceptions.

        Don’t wear a rednecks uniform

        Rarely eat fried or any type of fast food. Real girls don’t like fatasses who will likely have a heart attack or stroke by 50.

        Don’t mess with ugly girls, redneck or not. Speaking of, don’t waste time with redneck girls either.

        Life is short why waste it in a cesspool of ignorance, filth, nasty beer and ugly girls?

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        • BareBackBarack says:


          Derp Derp Derp

          My welfare check is late this month.

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          • trtert says:

            If you had a brain and a little class you would not have to fuck your yeti sister or the fat ass mong down the street.

            Too bad you are too dumb and too lazy to pull yourself out of the trailer park

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  2. Joe Schitte says:

    I didn’t know WM was selling meat on the hoof. Now that’s fresh!

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  3. measuretwice says:

    I recognize the deer, whats that creature on the right?

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