Ho-Ho-Holiday Season


Santa is just rubbing it in that he is still on vacation after 10 months. Get to work dude. Can’t you see the stores are already prematurely prepping for your holiday?!?!


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1030 1029

Once again, this further proves that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Go ahead ladies, no need to hold back on our account, we understand you can’t resist the urge to jump into this sexy ride.


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Coming Up Short


You ever toss on somebody’s smaller clothes just as a goof? Most of us instantly know that’s not happening. Apparently some of us don’t pick up on that sign of discomfort and head out to Walmart for some shopping. Honestly, if that was a free throw in basketball, it would be an airball that hits a cheerleader.


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The Cap’n


What? Cap’n Crunch needs to go grocery shopping too…Probably not the best PR move buying Cheerios in public, but even the Cap’n probably gets sick of eating the same cereal every day.


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