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Chicken Little

About the only type of chicks I can get into my truck on a Friday night too.


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WWIB: Swallowed Whole

One way to show off the fact that you’ve got legs for days is to wear giant boots and socks that look like you’re being swallowed by two anacondas. Who do you think wears that pro fashion tip better?


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Cloud of Smoke

There isn’t enough space on the internet to house my entire rant on vaping. I just can’t figure out which is dumber, the fact they somehow think it’s healthier than actually smoking or the fact there are people out there who thinks it looks cool and do vape tricks. Honestly, just go eat Tide Pods. I find that makes more sense than vaping.


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Cami Over Camo

Just tossing on a little cami. Something that is comfy but also kinda sexy at the same time. Have fun mister!


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