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What Part Of Jamaica?

Not only does baby got back, but that baby’s back is Jamaican me crazy!


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Nashville Star

It’s another celebrity sighting at Walmart. This time it’s country singer Chris Young…and I’m happy to say that I know so little about country music that I didn’t know which one he was until I Googled him. I mean, I assumed it was the guy on the left, but let’s face it, they both look like they could twang out some depressing shit about beer, women & horses.

West Virginia

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You Lock It Up!


Why not keep your valuables safe using the same technology applied to keeping high school lockers shut? I mean, it’s not like those were easy to just punch really hard at the top to come undone. Nice work here bud, nobody will be able to pick your WhiteTrashRepairs lock!

New York

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I’d Like To Buy A Vowel Please

So I guess you could say your mom is an asshole?


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