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American Made

Well that’s just great for your ass! Now if we can only find a company dumb enough to let us export it to them.


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WWIB: Patches & Cream

It’s time for my favorite game of “Who Wears It Better?” I think today’s Drew Gooden Hair Patch Edition is gonna be a tight race. Let’s hear who you guys think will win…by a hair of course!


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More Than One Way To Skin A Cat


What the piss is that? Did you skin a bunch of cats and pin them to a jacket? We’ll get to those awful boots later, but seriously did you murder a bunch of cats? I don’t even like cats, but wow! You can’t do that!


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Beadwork 4 Sale

Wait what? You’re selling beads to leave you abusive husband? While I’m 100% for you leaving an abusive husband, I’m a bit curious as to why you’re on the honor system when it comes to the purchasing of bead crafts? I don’t trust my neighborhood kids enough to only take 1 piece of candy out of the Halloween bowl I leave out, I sure as shit wouldn’t trust the people of Walmart. <– Ehh ohh, I used our name! That was fun!


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