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WWIB: Seeing Red

Back to the battle of the sexes with this edition of Who Wears It Better: Fake Ginger Edition. So which daywalker looks best? Personally I can’t get over the fact that they voluntarily gave their souls away, but that’s just me.


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The Puck Stops Here

I see you are an Ottawa Senators fan. Typically I’d hate on you for that but my Pens don’t play you in the first round so good luck against the Rangers. What I do know is that I love playoff hockey and I’ll be growing an obnoxious playoff beard which I encourage you all to do, women included.


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Give Us Your Best Line


Nothing like pickin’ up chicks in the snacks section on a Friday night (probably because the chicks in the snack section on Friday nights are lonely and it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, but that’s another story). I’m guessing his line was: “What’s up there little lady, you tryin’ to do the dew in the back of my 83′ El Camino?” – Let’s hear your best pickup lines for this guy so he has some new material for the weekend.


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She Lost Her Sheep


I don’t want to step out of place here, but Little Bo Peep over there looks absolutely f*cking miserable. Seriously, her parents may want to seek out counseling of some sort….Saving lives, it’s just part of what we do here at PoWM. You’re all welcome.


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