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Caption Contest For A Calendar!

You know what you guys haven’t done in awhile? Made me laugh. This is a completely one-sided relationship that we have where we make you laugh and you never return the favor. Amuse me people. It’s caption contest time!!!! Winner gets to lick that scooter seat and you know what, how about a copy of our new PeopleOfWalmart 365 day calendar. That sounds good, I’ll have that.


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2012 Hall Of Fame Inductee: Afro Star

Some things might have changed in 2012 but I’m very excited to announce that my girl Afro Star hasn’t! In fact, I think it’s time to induct our first PoWM Hall of Famer for the 2012 class. So let’s hear it, is it time for Afro Star to join the HOF ranks with the Magic School Bus Lady & the legend Willy the Pimp?!

North Carolina

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Road Rash

Pffft, and people say video games are rotting minds. If that was the case, how did they figure out how to hook it up to their car so they could tailgate-game? Take that Congress!


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Rappin’ N Rhymin’

I see you have a headband to soak up all that sweat when your doing your hip hop cardio blast workouts. I’ll give everyone a minute or two to imagine that……..and you’re welcome.


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