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Holly & John

I love your site! Thank you for having a sense of humor. My boyfriend
and I see all types whenever we go to Wal-mart… hell, I’ve gone to
Wal-mart in my PJ’s before so I’m surprised I’M not on here, haha. I
was a cashier at Wal-mart for 10 months and wish I had thought to snap
pics of the folks that came in between 11 pm-4 am. I definitely think
there is a difference between being poor and just not giving a f***,
and I’m sure some of these people would laugh at themselves for
wearing those ridiculous clothes. I think we ALL need to lighten up
and not be so damn scared to laugh every once in a while!

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The Paper Boy

Like a fine wine some people just get better with age….Is “better” the word I’m looking for here? I can’t tell.


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Pile It On


I guess it’s good for that kid’s sake that they actually got everything¬†but the kitchen sink.


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How Low Can You Go?

My grandpa is a bigger slut than your grandpa!


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