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#4102 Update: Don’t Mess With The Girl Scouts

Listeners of the Dean and Rog Morning Show were outraged to hear the story of two men stealing money from a group of Girl Scouts’ during the weekend.

Police said two men stole $200 from the Girl Scouts on Saturday afternoon outside a Wal-Mart in Fort Bend County, injuring one of the teens with their getaway vehicle. Police are still looking for the suspects.

On Monday morning, radio hosts Dean Myers and Roger Beaty on Houston Eagle’s 106.9 and 107.5 discussed the story and listeners began calling in and offering to help the girls. Listener Bill Larkin donated $200 to the Girl Scout troop.

The hosts matched his donation, doubling the girls’ losses.

“Response has been overwhelming” Myers said. “We’ve directed listeners to the website where they can make a donation.”

Listeners continued to flood the airwaves with calls after Larkin’s donation. Listeners were upset to hear that Girl Scout Council would be responsible for the loss, Beaty said.

“We had the usual reaction in terms of the outrage of someone ripping off Girl Scouts selling cookies,” Beaty said.

The program directed listeners to the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council through the website to donate directly to the girls.

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    #4103 Time Of The Month

    It was the ’1st of tha month’ and, of course, everyone that receives government benefits was at Walmart. An announcement was made that the EBT Machines (food stamps) were down. All of a sudden, people started abandoning carts FULL of food and the store cleared out. As my mother and I were leaving, it was a maze of raw meat and popsicles.

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      #4104 D.U.I.

      A Wilmington man is in jail, accused of driving drunk *inside* a local Walmart store while carrying a gun.

      Officers say 25 year old Owen Stevens was riding in a battery-operated cart at the Walmart in Wilmington on Wednesday night around 11 p.m. He was reportedly crashing into store displays. Fellow shoppers also noticed that Stevens had a gun.

      When cops got to the store, they found Stevens had an empty holster-but found the gun in a backpack near the front doors. They say Stevens as “highly intoxicated.”  The gun was not loaded.

      Stevens is charged with disorderly conduct and having weapons while intoxicated.

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