Rebel Yell

When they locked eyes at the counter-protest of a Robert E. Lee statue it was love at first sight. And by God, as long as that general stands, so does their love.


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  1. Scorched Earth says:

    They probably have matching, his and hers, white robes and hoods in the closet at home.

    Scorched Earth

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    • jj says:

      Contrary to what we’ve been brainwashed to believe, the Confederacy was not created because of racism or hatred, so I don’t blame you for being so ignorant. And the KKK was create after the war by Democrats who didn’t want blacks to be free, which Republican President Lincoln set free.

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  2. Cybrsk8r says:

    I would have guessed they met and fell in love at a family reunion.

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  3. Public Enema says:

    Apparently the South rose again in the oven.

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  4. wahmehn says:

    Like was said sometime back, the Democrats renounced the KKK, while the Republicans openly embrace it.

    There is a quote from the VP of the Confederacy where he says point-blank, the CW is about slavery.

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