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The Portable Meth Lab

WICHITA, Kansas – Wichita police kept busy investigating a possible mobile meth lab at a west Wichita Walmart parking lot Tuesday afternoon, prompting them to clear the area.

Police made the discovery just after 1 o’clock when officers say they found chemicals that could be used to make meth inside a car parked outside the W. Kellogg Walmart.

One man has been detained in the investigation.

Immediately after officers got the call of a suspicious person around a stolen car in the parking lot, they started talking to people. They had reason to believe there could be potentially explosive chemicals, so they cordoned off the area and got everyone out of three different isles in the parking lot.

When police got to work, they found something inside the car they that concerned them. They called the clandestine lab out to start working on finding out what was inside the car that could be potentially dangerous.

“That is the immediate concern when we got out here is the wind because it is blowing out of the southwest,” said Sgt. J.G. Boomer with the Wichita Police Department. “So that’s why we sealed off the roads. We originally had this entrance that’s directly to the back of us closed.”

Customers in Walmart were allowed to stay inside the store.

Investigators are looking into what the chemical was and why a suspicious person was next to a stolen car.

Wichita police say the clandestine lab team investigating did find chemicals in the back of the stolen car. There is no word yet on what charges might be filed in the case.

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