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WWIB: Public Intoxication


Hey, sometimes you just gotta whip the tit out and let loose…in the middle of Walmart. What do you guys think? Public display of boob feeding good in your book? That one woman seems like she is having a grand ol’ time just resting some titty on the cart as she goes.

New Mexico & West Virginia

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WWIB: Public Intoxication, 5.1 out of 10 based on 328 ratings 143 Comments Featured Creature  //  Funny  //  New Mexico  //  Parenting  //  Walmart Fashion  //  West Virginia  //  Who Wears It Better?
  • Jen

    New year = no booby fear.

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  • Ted C

    Put ‘em away ladies and find a more discreet place. Thanks a bunch.

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  • zombieslippers

    My brain says”It’s perfectly natural.”.
    The rest of my body says”HURRAY FOR BOOBIES!”.

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  • Senior

    I agree with Ted C., put those “things” back in your shirt where they belong! There is a time and place for everything and in the middle of Wally World is neither the time or the place. No, I am not a prude, I just think that is so disrespectful of all the people around you.

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  • ms codpiece

    i have no problem with breast feeding in public…but this i have issues with. If this is suppose to be both bonding and nutritional for the baby…treating the baby as an afterthought to what MOM wants to do is not the way to go. for crying out loud …find a chair, bench, recliner and relax…both for yourself but more for the baby….the baby should be priority…not shopping!

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  • bubblebubblebut

    Why is it when a calf is drinking milk from the cow it is all precious and natural but when humans does it people rather have the baby starving and screaming?
    When creatures re-creature they need to feed em without getting featured.

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  • Jessica

    Just be thankful they aren’t buying nasty formula for those sweet babes! It’s awesome that low income women are choosing more and more to breastfeed and we have the right to do it where ever we are. Ted C. I’d bet you’d love seeing some boobies as long as they weren’t being used for their intended purposes. Those babies aren’t screaming and throwing a flipping fit like most demon spawns in Wal-Marts, so grow the hell up.

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  • tiff

    everyone has a right to eat! its legal to whip the boob out to feed your child.

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  • Paul

    I’ll have to give this a try, next time I get my wife in a Wal-Mart.

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  • Hypocrites

    I love how the argument is that it is natural. So is taking a crap, but I do it in private.

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  • Dat Dude

    Only if I can get a couple sips…

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  • missy

    As a woman, I call them whores.

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  • Julyguy76

    I have no problem with breast feeding or doing so in public…. I have no problems with breast, im actually quite fond of them.

    However, one should ner walk, push a cart, and feed at the same time. There is nothing wrong with being a good mother and breast feeding but when you do so as openly as this its not acceptable. Go find a bench and sit down for a few minutes.

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  • HotPinkTurbo

    If you wouldn’t eat in the bathroom, then don’t ask a breastfeeding mother to feed her child there either. There are ways to be discreet and still be in public. I did it with three of my kids.

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  • jkay

    Who cares, its a mother feeding her damned child. its been done for millions of years, whats the deal?

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  • Manda

    Seriously? Some of these comments are so ignorant. “Taking a crap is natural, I wouldn’t do it public!” Well, genius, your overplayed sentiment is total bs.
    Firstly, I don’t know anybody who eats poop. And if you do… ya might wanna find some new friends.
    Secondly, pooping in public (or peeing in public) is nothing like nursing in public. Pooping is considered hazardous waste. If other people came into contact with it, there could be serious health problems… not so with milk. It’s NOT waste. It is food. For a baby. That can’t grab a granola bar, or a bag of cheetos or a twinkie like you can.
    Thirdly, get off it. Mind your business. Let a child eat in peace.

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  • Monique’

    When I breastfed I always found a nice quiet place to bond with my child. Babies are on a schedule and moms know that they can schedule around feeding times. People like shopping cart mom there want attention or in her case to be gawked at like a circus freak show. It is not to much to ask that you hold your child and politely place a blankie over the baby so that my stepson and every male of that age aren’t staring with their mouths open not to mention the grown pervs.

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  • froggieflies

    In the first pic the issue i have is that it is not safe to put an infant seat in the top part of the shopping cart. that is the only issue i see with that pic. in the second picture i do not see any problems. they are feeding their kids not posing for porn people. Stop sexualizing a part of the human body that is ment first to nurish offspring not to turn people on. if you would not get upset about a mom popping a bottle in the baby’s mouth or handing some crackers to a toddler then you are a hypocrite for being upset over someone breastfeeding their child in the same situation.

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  • Ruby

    Nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public, but a little discretion would be nice, especially the one that can’t even take her kid out of the damn cart and hold it.

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  • mike reiley

    suck one and a finger in the cooch.

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