Don’t Do It


Dammit Nike. You are responsible for convincing people to ‘Just Do It’. Hope you’re happy.

North Carolina

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The Zeus Is Loose


Quick, somebody go get my Buddha overalls. It seems somebody wants to have a Battle of the Gods.


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Indiana Jones Loves Frosted Flakes


Dammit Tony, can’t you let Indian Jones shop in peace without bothering him for a picture? It’s obvious he has fallen on hard times lately! Not grrrreat Tony, not great.


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Big Momma


I’m wonder what she’s renting. I wanna say Big Momma’s House, but that might just be too obvious and I’m pretty sure Redbox threw away all their copies of that movie. Whatever she is renting, let’s see if we can’t get that to her asap so she can get home and save us all the pain and suffering.


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