A Citizen Of The Mushroom Kingdom


We’ve seen some interesting hair styles here on PoWM, but I have to say modeling your hairstyle after Toad from Mario Brothers is quite a bit of a jump from sanity.


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Pack Of Leopards


Ya know, I watched both “Life” and “Earth” but I don’t remember her trucking through the jungle slaughtering a pack of leopards. Although I would have loved to have heard Oprah’s voice over describing that!


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Two In The Pink


We haven’t done a “Who wears it better?” in a while, so we decided to go back to our bread and butter: People who love the color pink. So who ya got, the lady who stole her daughter’s fleece blanket to wear as a skirt or the one skirting on the edge of reality with her pink hair boot purse combo?

Alabama & Texas

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Lazy Ass


This isn’t Disneyland buddy, get your ass out of the cart, walk over to the hair care section, find any product (literally ANY product) because it will be better than what you got going. I’d ask you to then walk over to the clothing section but I don’t want to wear you out with all that walking. We will take this one step at a time.


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