Candied Ginger

Now I’m no {insert famous gay fashion guy on one of the 600 reality shows on television} but let me give all the gingers out there some advice: when choosing your attire, avoid pasty looking colors. They don’t mix well.


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Short & Sweet

10:21 a.m. Battery — Wal-Mart, 2601 Green Mount Commons. The female victim, 31, reported on Sept. 29 while she was shopping the male suspect grabbed her buttocks.

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Brace Yourself

Hey buddy I get that you’re injured, I really do, but I’m not sure that really gives you an excuse to injure everyone else with that gut check and force us to wear some sort of facial brace to keep our eyeballs from falling out.


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Over & Out

There comes a point in a some men’s lives when they start to go bald. Some treat bald with dignity, others run for cover. However, for those that choose the comb-over route it seems that they then hit a second point where that’s not even doing the trick. My suggestion for this guy is either let it go or use some of that back shoulder hair and see if that will comb-up for you.


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