12 Days ‘Til Christmas!

Geez! I’m sure you can hear more than Santa up on the rooftop going click, click, click. You could probably hear him let out a squeaker up in the North Pole with those things!


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Changing Station

So a few days after relocating to Pittsburgh I stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. The store was the dirtiest and darkest Wal-Mart I’d ever been in. As I rounded one aisle looking for pet food, I noticed a large women and her 4 children checking out diaper packages. As I passed back by the aisle a few minutes later, she had one child on the shelf changing his diaper. As I stood there watching, mortified, I watched her wrap up the used diaper – which was muddy – and leave it on the shelf where her child had been laying. She then saw me watching and said “What you looking at bitch? Never seen no one change a baby before?”

I have not been back to that store since.

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Recycled Water

At first I thought this woman making out with her dog in the middle of Walmart was weird, then we were told that this lady took a bottle of water from her husband, drank it, then spit it back up for her dog. So everything is good now, nothing to be weirded out by here!


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13 Days ‘Til Christmas!

Douches and Doritos, the perfect stocking stuffer for the University of Cincinnati basketball team after their classy handling of a lopsided loss to my alma mater Xavier University. Does Xavier have some fault in the brawl? Yeah sure, but until a graduate of UC can figure out how to use a computer, we’ll go with my side of the story.


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