The Dark Knight

Well I was totally stoked to see the new Dark Knight movie until now….thanks douche.

New York

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Hay Hay Hay

Hey, you can lead a horse to Walmart but you can’t force him to put on pants. Am I right? Huh? Right?….Whatever, just get your damn beet pulp.


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Hair Of The Butt

Well it’s kinda like Who Wears It Better but more like Who Cracks It Better. So ladies, who ya got here? Do you like a baby smooth butt or are you a fan of The Boss and his hairy ass?

Colorado & Michigan

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“Say You’re Sorry”

I should probably just send this on over to TheProudParents.com but I’d be lying if I said this didn’t make me smile just a little bit. Sure it’s followed by guilt, but c’mon, how many times have you been at Walmart (or on this site) and thought to yourself “for the love of God if I was that kid’s parent I’d string him up for acting like that”? Well, my guess is that’s what happened here.


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