The Soda Jerks

Thanks for leaving the rest of us with Sam’s Choice Cola you dick. Dr. Thunder and Mountain Lightning taste pretty damn close to the originals, but the Cola tastes like balls. Now, if your cart would have been filled with Cherokee Red, you probably would have gotten stabbed.

California & North Carolina

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Blow The Whistle

I hope that’s a rape whistle around your neck because you look like you have to beat the ladies off with a stick!


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Viking Quest

My man Willy the Pimp!!!!! Looking like a straight Viking Lord! I watch Game of Thrones on HBO and if Willy the Pimp was on there the entire series would last one episode as Willy would just slap bitches and take the throne. Hot damn! My day just gets stupid better when I see Willy!


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It’s Bobsled Time

What’s up there Cool Runnings? Let me tell you something, you won’t be enjoying that little bobsled ride when someone not paying attention happens to run over your chest with their cart. Feel that rhythm.


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