The Paper Boy

Like a fine wine some people just get better with age….Is “better” the word I’m looking for here? I can’t tell.


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Battery Powered

For some reason when I see this I can’t help but think of the Sylvania commercial and wonder how much this guy doesn’t love his daughter!


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The Un-Incredible Hulk

So the Avengers opened over the weekend and made sh*t ton of money. I personally didn’t see it, but I’ve heard good things. Perhaps you guys could do two things for me. (1) If you saw the movie, let me know why I should go see it. (2) Give this kid some tips on how to be a better Hulk, because he’s not very convincing to me.


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Tight & White

She makes me want to put on a pair of tighty whiteys and walk next to her to see if she notices how ridiculous I look and then see if she is smart enough to realize how ridiculous she looks.


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